Why Raiblocks is Surging in Price

Just a short two weeks ago, I posted this information on what is Raiblocks.

If you have yet to read that post, go for it now.  It’s pretty eye opening and the name Raiblocks is starting to turn heads in the always changing crypto currency world.

In fact, people everywhere are going bonkers over this.  See:  Reddit.

Today I’m going to dive in and share with you why there has been a recent surge in the price of Raiblocks.

raiblocks price

What is Making Raiblocks Surge in Price?

As 2017 comes to a close, this MAY be the investment of the year for 2018.  I personally got in at $2.70, and like most investments, I am wondering why I didn’t purchase more.   As I alluded to in the prior post, I was told about this at a dinner in Las Vegas, way back (just three weeks ago, lol) when the price was a mere thirty cents.

Trading as XRB, the price has now moved well past $10 and into the $11’s.  The market cap is now over $1.3 billion, which makes it 6 positions higher.

People who invested in Raiblocks are certainly enjoying the bullish trend up because of the FOMO (fear of missing out) factor like all investors who are new to Crypto is definitely setting in.  Like Bitcoin, this is growing due to a large number of people, like me, who jumped in entirely blind.

However, as an investor in just about everything, just because I sprinkled a mere $5,000 on this does not make me someone who is going to be blind and hope for the best without being informed.  I started this blog because I follow trends, know prices, and capitalize on deals.

(Special shout out to EthereumWorldNews for a lot of information I’ve gathered.  It’s one of the best sites out there on the topic.)

So What is the Catalyst for Growth?

One of the big initiatives is the inclusion on Kucoin, which is a Chinese trading platform.

Every time a coin is added to a new exchange, you’ll see a surge.  This, however, from thirty cents, to over $11, in just a month’s time, is something quite amazing.

All I have to say is “All Aboard.”

I’ll be back soon with more information on Raiblocks, as you can imagine I’ll be tracking it like an absolute hawk.  Once a diamond in the rough, this is now a rocket about to take off.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

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