Exceptional Quality With The Whiteflash “A Cut Above” Diamond

The goal of Whiteflash is to present their customers with-‘ diamonds that dazzle the eyes and delight the senses. And they depend upon word of mouth marketing to satisfy their customers so there are no marketing gimmicks here. Satisfied customer delight in exquisitely handcrafted precision cut diamonds to give to for that special person who joins you in your journey of life. Their top brand is the internationally acclaimed A CUT ABOVE® super ideal which is available in round hearts and arrows and in princess cut. And, in addition to being precision cut, these diamonds are all in-stock, thoroughly evaluated and imaged, and immediately available exclusively through Whiteflash.

The company has been operating online and with a brick and mortar prescence in the Sugar Land community of Houston, Texas, for 20 years. And Whiteflash has a well earned reputation for customer satisfaction with an unbroken string of awards from the BBB including several BBB Pinnacle Awards.

Regarded as the platinum standard in the diamond industry, Whiteflash specializes in precision cut diamonds and designer brand engagement rings. Their claim to fame is their super ideal diamond brand A CUT ABOVE®. It is recognized internationaly as among the finest diamonds ever brought to market.

These exquisitely crafted stones have clients calling from around the globe for the chance to land that beautiful sparkle. Besides the USA, Whiteflash serves clients across Europe, Asia, and Australia. And their collection of assurances and guarantees are he best in the business, including the Whiteflah 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee on all in-house diamonds.

The company employs an in-house team of diamond experts, gemologists, and jewelry consultants. Whiteflash are members of the American Gem Society (AGS), the premier organization in the jewelry industry.

AGS members are committed to education, customer care, and the highest ethical standards in the industry. Their A CUT ABOVE diamonds all come with platinum certificates from the AGS Laboratories providing full assurance security of purchase.

A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds

The A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds is Whiteflash’s signature line. This prestigious brand is one of the world’s most elite diamonds since each piece is crafted with precision and vetted meticulously by the Whiteflash team.

Whiteflash is one of the first companies to introduce the world to the online diamond buying, and they continue break new ground and receive a multitude of awards. Ever since 2004, Whiteflash has been the recipient of Better Business Bureau Winner of Distinction and has maintained an A+ rating with the BBB. They are also one of the few jewelry companies in the world to be certified ISO 9000 Quality Management. Presently, Whiteflash is one of the most recognizable names anywhere on the globe for precision cut diamonds with proven light performance, and the company has partnered with some of the best names in designer bridal jewelry including Tacori, Verragio, A. Jaffe, Ritani, Valoria, and others.

white flash a cut above

Quality precedes price as each gem is certified and thoroughly evaluated including advanced light performance imaging and Sarin report. Diamonds in this line must pass the strict parameters established by the AGS as a first step to being branded A CUT ABOVE®. And unlike other diamond brands Whiteflash publish their exact qualifications and specifications for their super ideal brand.

Table: 53-58

Polish: Ideal

Angle Crown: 34-35

Angle Pavillion: 40.6-40.9

Symmetry: Ideal

Star: 48-55

Bottom Half: 76-80

Girdle: T – M – ST

Cutlet: N – P – S

Depth: 59.5 – 62%

You can see how much narrower A CUT ABOVE® parameters are than those that meet the GIA standard of Excellent (below).

Table: 52-62

Polish: EX-VG

Angle Crown: 34-35

Angle Pavillion: 40.6-41.8

Symmetry: EX-VG

Star: 45-65

Bottom Half: 70-85

Girdle: T – M – ST

Cutlet: N – P – S – M

Depth: 58.6 – 64.1%

Whiteflash exceeds the expectations of AGS Ideal and GIA Excellent with the most exquisite diamonds available in the world. As a result, the A CUT ABOVE® diamond is the most dependable, superb diamond collection in the world with Superior Light Performance and Unmatched Beauty.

GIA and the Four Cs

The GIA established the guideline for grading diamonds with the four Cs, which are cut, carat, color, and clarity. A properly cut diamond reflects light well, displaying lots of fire and brilliance. But it is the sparkle of a diamond that warrants a purchase. A discerning buyer wants a gem that intensely sparkles with the brilliancy of the brightest of lights. Like Rihanna’s hit song, Shine Bright Like a Diamond.

The most popular carat weights are .50, 0.75, and 1 carat. As the gems get larger they become more rare and command higher prices.

The most sought after diamonds are colorless. Some diamonds will have degrees of color, but to the naked eye will still appear to be colorless. Therefore, there is no need to get the very highest color diamond. Save a substantial amount of money by choosing a near-colorless diamond.

One might think it is necessary to choose a gem that doesn’t have any inclusions. The truth of the matter is that all diamonds have some inclusions but the fewer impurities a gemstone has, the more it will cost. Most blemishes and inclusion can only be seen with precise instruments and with a trained eye. Take heart, diamonds with slight inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye will save you a lot of money.

A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows

These lovely gems meet the strict requirements of the top 1% of diamonds in the world. Hearts and Arrows diamonds feature ideal proportions and perfect facet placement. They not only have a rating of AGS Triple Zero for light performance, they also have perfect 3 dimensional symmetry.

Hearts and Diamonds dance in the light and sit at the epicenter of peak performance. Because of the stricter parameters, A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamonds are some of the best performing diamonds in the world.  Whiteflash gauges the superior performance of the Hearts and Arrows diamonds based on the following checklist:

Hearts patterns must be uniform with equal size hearts.

The eight arrowhead tips must extend to the girdle.

Every arrow shaft must be aligned with the arrowhead.

Only minimal clefts in hearts are allowed.

The arrows must be distinct and separate from the arrowheads.

A CUT ABOVE® Princess Diamond Rings

The A CUT ABOVE® brand includes both round brilliant and Princess cut, both of which must have an AGS Triple Zero platinum certificate as a starting point.

a cut above princess

Each A CUT ABOVE® Princess is thoroughly inspected to make sure it meets quality standards above and beyond those of the strictest laboratory. And because princess cuts are less expensive than rounds in general, choosing a A CUT ABOVE Princess is a good way to get elite light performance and also save some money (or get a larger gem for the money). Whiteflash guarantees AGS certified 0 diamonds that are known for superb light performance and brilliance. Particularly, Hillary Duff considers ACA Princess cut diamonds her favorite go-to jewelry.

Overall gemstone grade is AGS Ideal.

The diamond is vetted for any clarity characteristics that might diminish brilliancy.

The diamond’s corners are carefully examined for durability issues.

There isn’t any light leakage in the middle of the diamond.

The Princess is perfectly square with a length and width ratio within the range of 1.03.

Simply put, it is not possible to buy a finer Princess cut anywhere. And all Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® diamonds are in-stock and available for immediate delivery.

A CUT ABOVE®: The Collection Series

The A CUT ABOVE Collection Series is comprised of diamonds that connoissuers consider investment quality within addition to the precise cutting and prime light performance of all diamonds in the brand, the Collection Series are some of the rarest gemstones on the planet. These diamonds of DEF color and FL-VVS purity are ultimate in diamond quality.

With the A CUT ABOVE Collection Series the buyer finds a selection of super ideal diamonds that go above and beyond beautiful, into the realm of the technical qualities. These diamonds are so colorless and have such purity that light travels within the gemstone without any interference producing the absolute highest levels of fire and brilliance possible for any diamond.

The A CUT ABOVE® Collection Sseries meets the highest level of specifications and qualifications in clarity, color, and cut. Hence, the ACA Collection series diamonds are the rarest of the rare on the globe.

Expert Selection Diamonds

In addition to their A CUT ABOVE® brand Whiteflash also carries two other categories of diamonds in stock. And both come with the highest ratings for cut quality awarded by both AGS and GIA. The Expert Selection category are diamonds that just missed the qualification for A CUT ABOVE, but all still come with AGS Triple Zero platinum certificates, and all have a full set of advanced light performance images posted to the website. With the top cut grade from the top lab and advanced performance images such as Ideal Scope, ASET, Hearts and Arrows, and an HD Video, you know exactly what you are buying. These diamonds may be just a step below the A CUT ABOVE® but they are leaps above ordinary diamonds, and they are priced very competitively.

Whiteflash Premium Select Diamonds

Premium Select category is an exclusive collection of GIA Triple EX diamonds that have premium characteristics and value which make them exceptional. These diamonds have the highest optical precision as noted by the Hearts and Arrows pattern, feature the highest cut grade as stated by the Gemological Institute of America, and are accompanied by the comprehensive analytics of lab reports, light performance images, and of course, HD Video. Since the GIA Excellent cut grade is rather broad, the analysis and imaging done by the Whiteflash team is critical. For the best of GIA Excellent shop the Whiteflash Premium Select collection.

Social Consciousness

Whiteflash sells only responsibly sourced gemstones that are conflict-free. Social responsibility is very important to Whiteflash who support several charities and organizations that align with their purposes like Jewelers for Children and Diamond Development Initiative. All the profits from their Dreams of Africa collection support Jewelers for Children.

The Finest Designer Engagement Rings on the Market

The best only works with the best. Whiteflash only conducts business with premier designers in the world. With these world-class designers, find avant-garde pieces, aesthetically stand-out pieces, and beautiful designs on the website. Each designer takes exceptional pride in the beauty, wearability, and quality of their products. Whiteflash has a good selection of each designer’s styles in stock on on the website, but they can supply any design from any one of their designers. If you don’t see the style you are looking for on the Whiteflash site, go to the designer’s own site and Whiteflash can provide it.

white flash designer labels

Simon G: Perhaps no designer has as extensive a catalogue as Simon G. Though they are best know for their excellence in bridal design, their fashion selections are extremely diverse and beautiful. So whether it’s an engagement ring, a push present, or a birthday gift, you can find beautiful jewelry in the Simon G catalogue in a full range of price points.

Ritani: Ritani has taken a ‘less is more” approach to bridal design. Their catalogue is more limited but they focus on simple classic styling that is “tried and true” through the ages. All their designs are created to keep the focus on the center diamond. The diamond buyer can delight in the elegant traditional designs from Ritani. When planning to propose, it is easy to shop by the desired shape like princess, emerald, asscher, pear, radiant, heart, and oval. Besides diamond engagement rings, buyer can enjoy diamond drop earrings and single-band diamond-encrusted bridal sets.

Benchmark: Benchmark is one of the premier designers and manufacturers of wedding bands. From simple gold bands for both ladies and gents, Benchmark has literally thousands of styles in many different metals, textures and widths to fit any hand and any taste with ease. The wedding bands represent the modern era that is a union of sleek with bold designs. The Amara collection has a contemporary edge that is perfect for menswear with a golden interior and a platinum exterior. The women’s collection has an engagement section that is sure please the eyes as well as the budget.

Verragio: Perhaps no other designer does “style” the way Verragio does. Whiteflash is more than pleased to offer their collection to the most discerning buyers. Choose between the Parisian, Venetian, Couture, Insignia, and Renaissance Collections. Verragio is a top-of-the-line quality when it comes to expertly made engagement rings and wedding wear. Designs include diamond rings in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and high-quality platinum with a vintage styling that is reminiscent of the era of kings and queens and elaborate.

Vatche: From New York, Vatche’s award winning design team produce gorgeous diamond rings that make stunning engagement wear. Sleek, fluid, and supple their seemless designs present the feature diamond in the best possible light. Classic solitaires with a designer flair make Vatche one of the most popular choices. The six main design collections offered are Solitare, Pave, Halo, Channel, Three Stone, and Art Deco. Though not as elaborate as designs by Verragio, there are plenty of Vatche designs that will appeal to classic tastes as well as fancier ones.

Tacori: Nestled in the rolling hills of California, Tacori is the epitome of exceptional design. One of the most iconic brands in the world of bridal design, Tacori styling is as unique as it is beautiful. Intricate patterns and detailing dominate the Tacori line. There is a theme built around their signature ‘crescent’ design element that permeates the entire catalogue making Tacori one of the most immediately identifiable incredibly popular bridal designers.

A.Jaffe: One of the most venerable brands in bridal is A.Jaffe. They have been designing engagement rings and wedding rings for well over a hundred years. Their innovative and trend setting styling is legendary. 

Design Your Dream Ring

Undoubtedly, Whiteflash offers superior quality diamonds.

But they also have an in-house design team that will create a ring that is perfectly suitable for any taste. Simply submit the creative design, and the team will upload it to the computer and create a 3D model of the computer-aided design.

The Whiteflash design team will then give the would-be buyer a firm quote. Upon payment the design is created with opportunities for adjustments along the way.

Finding the perfect ring for an engagement or bridal ceremony can become quite scary. Whiteflash wants to take the anxiety out of a diamond purchase and enable their customers to have a brilliant experience on the way to such an important purchase. 

The Benefits of Owning a Whiteflash Diamond Ring

Diamonds with optimal light performance – Sparkle!

In-house, fully evaluated and imaged AGS and GIA certified diamonds

Lifetime trade up guaranty on in-house diamonds

Authorized distributors of the finest designer brand engagement rings

Free shipping

Free returns

30 day returns

Loyalty and referral program

Certified ISO 9000 quality control

Better Business Bureau A+ rating

Thousands of 5 star customer reviews

State of the art responsive website with extensive educational content

Whiteflash Diamond Guarantee

Whiteflash wants their customers to have full confidence in their purchases. All Whiteflash products come with a complete satisfactionmoney back guarantee. Shipping is free and all returns in the US and Canada are also free. In-house certified diamonds come with lab reports from the top two gemological laboratories in the world – AGS and GIA. And Whiteflash is one of the few jewelers in the world to be certified for ISO 9000 quality control.

Whiteflash diamond and jewelry consultants all have credentials from GIA and AGS and do not work on commission. Their sole objective is to educate and guide customers to the products that are right for them, and to provide them will a brilliant experience.

white flash money back guarantee

Customer Care

If there are any questions, conveniently reach out to the Whiteflash team online via LIVE CHAT. Whiteflash diamond and jewelry consultants are always eager to attend to your concerns about the quality and value of their products. The customer care staff always have GIA Diamond graduates and graduate gemologists ready to assist.

While online, check out their customer testimonials. You will see a record of a company who has consistently delighted customers all over the world.

Packaging and Delivery

Once the order is placed, the buyer will receive the lovely diamond ring in top quality elegant packaging for an exquisite presentation. The black motif is in striking contrast to the laquered cherry wood exterior and an underlying satin interior. The Whiteflash emblem is etched into the satin with the diamond ring of choice as the centerpiece.

Upon request, a buyer can request a leather pouch to keep the ring safe until the final delivery to that special loved one. The Whiteflash team guarantees superb quality and craftsmanship in every ring that is especially designed as a masterpiece.

From start to finish Whiteflash quality in all aspects is superb. From the great selection of precision cut certified in-stock diamonds, to the detailed information and educational content on their website, to the communications with Whiteflash staff, all the way down to the packaging, the experience is designed to match the importance of the occasion.


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