What is Raiblocks and How to Trade It

If you are looking to buy Raiblocks, you are probably confused due to all of the conflicting information floating around out there.  I’m here today to clear up the confusion and help anyone invest in Raiblocks, which trades by the name “XRB.”

What Exactly is Raiblocks?

First off, if you don’t know what Raiblocks is, here is a loose definition:

Raiblocks is a rather new cryptocurrency (at time of publication, December of 2017) and while it may be a risky investment, there is no ignoring it’s shocking growth this early in the game.  Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin, it’s something that most people don’t know much about, yet have no problem investing in with the hopes of catching the next “big thing” that could make them a millionaire.  I’ll always guide that crypotocurrency is such a new idea that it should not be something to go “all in” on, no matter how much “inside info” you have.

Raiblocks has a native token.  This is what they say when the technology won’t be used by any other cryptocurrency that exists in the present day set-up.  While it’s unique in that respect, the sheet evolution of these currencies has me thinking that one day many of them (much like the .com bubble) will go by the wayside and become virtually worthless.  However, at present time, everyone is clammoring at the opportunity to get in while the price is low and the rewards are high, so if you are looking to trade Raiblocks, I’ll show you how to do so.

Raiblocks recent surge
The recent surge in prices has many people looking to invest in cryptocurrency.

How to Trade and Invest in Raiblocks

How to Buy XRB

Step 1: 

First off, you’ll want to open an account with Coinbase.  You can do that on this page.  It’s rather simple, and you can use that page as a guide to help get you started.

Step 2: 

Fund your account.  This can happen by linking your bank account to the Coinbase platform, much like you would with a stock trading account.  You can fund your account with cash, or just buy into Bitcoin right on the spot.  You’ll have to buy Bitcoin in order to buy Raiblocks presently, so you’ll be buying it at some point or another.

Step 3: 

Once you have purchased Bitcoin, you’ll want to send it over to a wallet of your choice.  I’m currently suggesting that people use Bitgrail, but there are other exchanges as well.

Once your deposit is there, you can simply to go the exchange and buy Raiblocks using your Bitcoin wallet.  When I started investing, $5,000 worth of Raiblocks was about .26 Bitcoin.  (I used round numbers.)

If you are in the dark about this whole new idea, read the cryptocurrency education page.  There are millionaires being made every day, but like anything else out there, it takes an eye for the craft as well as precision buying and selling skills.  Of course, you can invest in something like Raiblocks and bet that the new currency will simply follow the path of Bitcoin and others who have paved the way.

News:  I found a way to buy Raiblocks and other cryptocurrencies in my IRA.

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I normally don’t promote other people’s videos, but this gentlemen made a great video explaining the majority of the process to start investing in XRB:


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