A Guide To The Most Popular Diamond Shapes

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While the carat weight of a diamond has a significant impact on how much a person will pay for that particular piece of stone and also affects how big the diamond will look in a piece of jewelry, the shape of the chosen diamond is often considered to have a much greater impact on the diamond’s overall visual appearance. Choosing the best shape, however, can be a very complicated task. There are a large variety of shapes a person can choose from; thus it may be difficult to decide on a particular shape that offers the wearer a perfect companion.

In this post, we would like to discuss some of the most popular diamond shapes that are preferred amongst the general population. Some of these shapes are extremely popular and often thought to be the “default” diamond shapes, while others are not as popular, but still offers a lot of benefits to the wearer.

Most Popular Diamond Shapes

While there is quite a large number of shapes a person can opt for when buying a diamond, the round brilliant cut diamond has been the most popular shape for a very long time. Even today, when a person is not sure which shape they should opt for, they are usually advised to go with the round brilliant cut. Over 66% of all diamonds sold throughout the entire world are actually a round brilliant cut. This diamond shape features 58 facets and has one of the best brilliance when compared to the many other shapes a person may opt for when buying a diamond.

Even though the round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape today, there are many other shapes that often offers certain features that are considered an improvement over this particular shape. Let’s take a look at some of the other popular choices a person may opt for if they wish to buy a diamond:

  • The Princess Cut – The princess cut diamond shape is classified as a fancy cut. The popularity of this diamond falls right behind the round brilliant cut diamond shape. Most princess cut diamonds come in a square shape, but there are also some variants that come in rectangular shapes. The princess cut shape is known for its exquisite levels of fire and brilliance. 

    Princess Cut Engagement Ring

  • The Emerald Cut – The emerald cut is the result of using the technique that is traditionally used when emeralds are cut, but on a diamond. This shape features an extra-large surface at the top, allowing a person to obtain more value for their money when it comes to comparing the visible appearance of the diamond to its carat weight. These diamonds are available in both rectangular and square shapes.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

  • The Cushion Cut – The cushion cut has also become quite popular in recent times. The cut generally features a square shape, but with edges that have been rounded off. The cushion cut is an excellent option for anyone looking to buy a diamond with a higher level of fire. There are three particular versions of the cushion cut diamond shape, including the modern, modified and the standard version.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring


No matter what piece of jewelry you wish to buy or where you want to wear the jewelry, there is most definitely a diamond shape that will help you emphasize the beauty of that jewelry. In this guide, we have taken a look at some of the most popular diamond shapes that are purchased when people are looking to buy a diamond, either to add to a collection of loose stones, or to have fitted into a precious ring or another piece of jewelry.


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