Fancy Red Diamonds: A Complete Overview Of These Rare And Precious Gemstones

Fancy Colored Diamonds

The diamond industry holds numerous mysteries, as well as some of the most beautiful gemstones in existence. The industry is also often broken up into two different sections – one being the industry that caters to individuals looking to buy colorless diamonds, and the other catering to the higher-end market that is looking to buy those diamonds that possesses certain colors. The diamonds that possess certain colors are often referred to as the fancy colored diamond industry. Within this industry, many mysteries can be found, as well as some of the most expensive gemstones on the planet.

Amongst all the fancy colored diamonds that are currently available on the market, the red diamond is considered to be the most expensive, primarily due to the fact that finding a pure red diamond is considered extremely difficult. Red diamonds are so rare that right now, as you are reading this post, there are most likely less than a single handful of pure red diamonds available for sale on the market. There are, however, alternative options that can be opted for, which makes a red diamond more accessible to those looking to spend a more significant amount of money on a diamond.

Fancy Red Diamonds

fancy red diamondWe should really start our article by stating the fact that the fancy red diamond is so rare and expensive, it is usually only owned by the more “well-set” of people on the planet. This means that, unless you are a celebrity or perhaps part of a royal family, you most likely would not be able to afford to buy a pure red diamond with absolutely no secondary colors or overtones. While this factor is true, it should be noted that more affordable options are available on the market – and these options can often look just as beautiful as a pure red diamond.

It is currently not known exactly how a fancy red diamond obtains its color. There are some theories regarding the intense red color exhibited by these diamonds. Many consider the fact that these diamonds have to endeavor extreme pressure while rising up to the Earth’s surface one particular contributing factor to its distinct color. Many gemologists claim that the pressure causes alterations in the diamond’s molecular structure, which then leads to the presence of red hues inside the stone.

When a person is looking to purchase a red diamond, but they are unable to find a pure red diamond available on the market or not able to afford the high price tags attached to these diamonds, then there is no need to give up hope. When a red diamond is accompanied by a secondary color, its price usually falls significantly, but when the right combination is chosen, the stone can still look really good. One particular example would be to opt for a Purplish Red diamond. These diamonds contain a purple modifying color, making them more affordable than a pure red diamond, but it does not really take away any of the beautiful elements for which the fancy red diamond is often sought-after.  


The fancy red diamond is considered to be the rarest diamond in this particular industry – even rarer than the blue and pink diamond. For this reason, the fancy red diamond is also the most expensive on the market, and is often only available for the higher-end customer, such as those in royalty, the white house and, of course, to some celebrities. In this post, we have taken a closer look at the fancy red diamond, as well as how a more “average” customer can still obtain a beautiful red diamond without necessarily paying over a million dollars for the stone.


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