Rare Carat: Find The Perfect Diamond With IBM Watson Technology

diamond stud eternity ringWe are faced with information overload in the modern world, no matter what type of product we wish to buy. This fact comes into play even when looking to buy a high-quality diamond to be fitted into an engagement ring, pendant, bracelet, or any other piece of jewelry. There are thousands of both online and offline diamond jewelry retailers today. Look at every one of these brands, and you’ll notice that they promise to provide their customers with the best diamonds on the market. If every brand is making such claims, which one of them are really telling the truth, and which one should you truly trust.

The price of a diamond is one of the most exciting factors regarding such a stone. Not all brands follow the same pricing structure, so a diamond that may be considered “perfect” may cost a significantly higher amount of one brand than at another brand. This has always been a particularly problematic issue, as browsing through the catalogs of different brands can be time-consuming. Rare Carat is a company that is providing the world with a solution to this problem – a search engine, powered by IBM Watson artificial intelligence technology, to make finding that perfect diamond easy, convenient and much faster.

The Rare Carat AI Platform

Rare Carat is not a single brand that sells jewelry or diamonds, which is the primary factor that makes them a good option for any individual looking to buy a loose diamond, an engagement ring, or any other exquisite piece of jewelry. The platform utilizes an AI technology that was developed by IBM, one of the world’s most trusted technology partners. By scanning through the entire world-wide-web, the Rare Carat platform is able to help individuals find a ring that matches every single preference they have when it comes to selecting the right diamond, including their budget.

clarity2The platform makes it easy to search for diamonds from hundreds of different brands, and what makes this platform even more reliable is the fact that every brand listed in the results they provide a customer have been adequately vetted. This means the search engine will not produce results from brands that are not trustworthy and does not hold an impressive history.

Getting started with the Rare Carat platform is quite easy. A customer simply needs to visit their homepage, and then select a few specifications to begin their search. Customers are able to choose between a basic search operation or more advanced search features. The basic search allows the customer to start by selecting a diamond shape and a price range, which can vary from as little as $350 to a few million dollars.

More advanced options allow the customer to search according to more detailed specifications, such as carat weight, clarity rating, depth percentage, and more. When switching to the advanced search engine, customers can also choose to search for jewelry that comes pre-fitted with a diamond, and even filter through the results based on particular retailers they have come to trust over the years.


Diamonds are very expensive and finding the right diamond, at the best price, can be tricky. Rare Carat is a relatively new invention that utilizes a technology driven by artificial intelligence, to offer individuals from all over the world an opportunity to easily find a diamond that suits both their preferences and their budget. In this post, we have taken a closer look at how the Rare Carat AI-driven platform can be helpful to you and your journey to finding the right diamond.


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