Raiblocks Rebrands as Nano

Long time followers of mine know that I have been on the Raiblocks bandwagon since early on.  You can read about a post I made about it on this page.

Well, going forward, unless I start talking the way people referred to “the artist formerly known as Prince,” you’ll hear it being referred to as a different name:  Nano.

XRB is Officially Called Nano

This move more accurately reflects their mission statement, according to items I read online.

The new official website is Nano.org.

All of their social media has been updated and re-branded under the Nano moniker.

As more details become available, I’ll be back with more news. I felt it was important to let everyone know since I have been a long time supporter of Nano and am holding it long. (HODL as most people would say.)

Until more news is out, that’s all I have today.  Let’s hope this recent downturn ends very, very soon.

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