Raiblocks Opens 2018 With a Price of $35

I know I sound like a Raiblocks fan boy these days, but wouldn’t you if you had the insane gains I mentioned yesterday?

I mean seriously, this thing has rocketed up to the top of the crypto-currency charts in the matter of a month!

Apparently, the news of Raiblocks being listed on Binance is making it’s rounds pretty fast.  While it’s yet to happen, and is not confirmed yet, it’s about to get very interesting if indeed it does become something you can trade on the gigantic Binance exchange.

Raiblocks Tops $35 Today

So, 2018 has been a huge success for many people today.  The stock market rallied, and a lot of crypto’s rallied as well.  I track many stocks, including gold indexes, weed stocks, and much more.  However, the story of my last 30 days has been Raiblocks.  Just check out this chart, and tell me that buying at $2.70 wasn’t the best buy I’ve ever made in any market!

While many people think this is going to be a home run, I’m just happy for the run it’s on.  You never know what can happen to prices any day (BitCoin rocketed up today as well), but what I can say is I really think being listed on Kucoin and now perhaps, Binance, is a great thing.

Raiblocks Chart January 2

While it’s the first day of stock trading of 2018, I’m pretty amped that the crypto market is 24-7, 365.

I’ll be back soon with more updates.  For now, I’ll be tracking Raiblocks like a hawk.


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