The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Radiant Cut Diamond

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When choosing to opt for a diamond while buying a piece of jewelry, a person would be faced with a large number of choices they have to make in order to decide on a particular stone they wish to have fitted in the jewelry they are interested in. Amongst these options, carat weight is often considered to be the most important decision that a person has to make, but another particular option that a person needs to consider just as important is the cut or shape of that particular diamond. The brilliant round cut diamond shape might be the most popular amongst them all, but there are many other shapes that offer a more exquisite look for the wearer.

While there are a large number of shapes and cuts a person can choose from when they are looking to buy a diamond, we would like to focus on one particular shape in this post – the radiant cut diamond. This shape holds many unique features, but is still a relatively new cut option that people can choose from. We would like to take a look at the particular values a person should opt for when buying such a diamond to make sure they get the most out of their money.

The Radiant Cut Diamond Buying Guide

diamond radiant cutThe radiant cut diamond is quite new, especially when compared to some of the other cuts that are available on the market. The design was originally designed in 1977 by Henry Grossbard. The idea behind the design of the radiant cut diamond was to combine the best properties that the emerald cut and the brilliant round cut had to offer, but to also come up with a new and unique design altogether. In the 1980s, the radiant cut diamond became quite popular – and even today, this particular shape is chosen by millions when they are looking to buy a diamond with a higher level of sparkle and fire.

The radiant cut diamond is cut with precision, feature a total of 70 facets in its crown and pavilion. This amount of facets, combined with the precision of the cut, allows for an emphasis to be placed on certain features of the diamond, including its fire and brilliance. The radiant cut diamond also features distinct edges, combined with beveled corners. All-in-all, this cut is truly an exquisite shape that will most definitely satisfy.

When opting for a radiant cut diamond, it is important to look for a diamond with a table percentage between 61% and 69%, and a depth percentage between 61% and 67%. The girdle should be either very thin or slightly thick, with a cutlet rated “very small” or, even better, “none”.

Since it is somewhat difficult to observe imperfections in a radiant cut diamond with the naked eye, a person can opt for a diamond with a clarity rating of S1 or even S2 and still get a diamond that looks flawless to the naked eye. The recommended color grade for a radiant cut is an H rating.


The radiant cut diamond combines the most precious properties of two particularly popular diamond shapes; thus creating a diamond cut that has been tailored in such a way to place emphasis on a diamond’s brilliance and fire. When buying a radiant cut diamond, it may be somewhat difficult to decide on a particular stone, especially since the cut quality of these diamonds are not graded in a similar way to a brilliant cut diamond. We have provided a basic overview of certain properties to consider in this post; thus allowing our readers to get the best value.


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