The Pear Shaped Diamond: Important Facts To Consider Before Buying

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The diamond industry is huge, with millions of these stones being sold every single year. When buying a diamond, a person is presented with quite a large number of options they need to choose from in order to find the perfect diamond that suits their requirements. Most publications that provide recommendations as to the process a person should follow when they wish to buy a diamond states that the carat weight of a diamond needs to be considered the most important factor of that particular stone. Unfortunately, while carat weight does decide how large a diamond is, there are other factors that people often overlook that plays just as significant role in determining the beauty of a diamond.

The shape of the diamond is such a factor that people often tend to overlook. Many people who are inexperienced in the diamond industry tend to opt for the default shape, which is the brilliant round cut. While this is the most popular cut and offers exquisite beauty, there are many other shapes that may be even more brilliant and beautiful. Today, we want to focus specifically on the pear cut diamond, and look at why this particular diamond shape is perfect for certain jewelry settings.

The Pear Shaped Diamond

pear shaped diamondThe pear-shaped diamond is most certainly not as popular as the brilliant round cut diamond, mostly due to the fact that the brilliant round cut is often considered the “original” default shape. The pear cut diamond is also not the most popular amongst the fancier cuts and shapes, yet this particular diamond shape offers exquisite beauty. The primary reason why people often disregard the pear-shaped diamond is because it is extremely hard to find a very good-looking version of such a diamond, since the majority of these diamonds tend to be at a lower quality.

When buying a pear-shaped diamond, there are some minimum requirements that a person should look for in order to make sure the diamond they buy is able to offer them the exquisite beauty that is expected of a pear-shaped diamond.

  • The color of the pear-shaped diamond is important. When the wrong color option is chosen, the diamond will not look as great as it could. The minimum recommendation when it comes to the color rating of a pear-shaped diamond is an H or better. This will ensure no visible signs of color can be observed.
  • The clarity grade of the diamond should also be considered very important. For the best quality pear-shaped diamond, be sure to opt for a clarity rating of at least SI2. A SI1 rating would be appropriate as well. Note that a higher rating would not provide much improvement over the visible appearance of the diamond, but will add a lot to the total cost of the diamond.
  • When it comes to the cut specifications of the diamond, opt for a depth and table percentage under 66%, and a polish or symmetry that is rated good, very good or excellent. The length to width ratio should be ranged between 1.55 and 1.75.


Even though the brilliant round cut diamond is considered the default option that people should opt for when they are unsure what shape diamond they should buy, it is important to consider the fact that other shapes may provide a more appropriate setting for the particular type of jewelry a person wishes to buy. The pear-shaped diamond is one particular choice that offers an interesting addition to many types of jewelry, including earrings, necklaces and even rings. In this guide, we provided a basic overview of recommendations that people should consider when buying a pear-shaped diamond.


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