Everything You Should Know About The Oval Cut Diamond

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When people are looking to buy diamonds, the majority of the diamonds they would be presented with are usually cut into a round shape, often referred to as the brilliant round cut diamond shape. These shapes are the most popular and usually opted for when a person is not sure exactly what shape would look best on the person who will be wearing the stone, but many other shapes are available as well. A lot of the alternative shapes are able to offer a more brilliant appearance, enhanced levels of sparkle and also give the buyer more value for the money they spend on their purchase.

Today, we want to take a look at the oval cut diamond. This cut has become quite popular for a number of different reasons. A lot of people find that when they compare an oval cut diamond to a similar carat weight round cut diamond, then the oval cut seems to look bigger to the eye. Another reason why many people opt for the oval cut is due to the fact that it offers a more unique look, and goes well with side stones, as well as can be utilized in a variety of jewelry settings.

Oval Cut Diamond Shape

Amongst the many different shapes that are offered as alternatives to the traditional round cut diamond shape, the oval shape tends to stand out. This particular shape is known to offer a person a much higher brilliance level when compared to numerous other shapes in which a diamond can be purchased, and tends to also offer a larger visible appearance when compared to some other stones with a similar carat weight, as we have already explained.

oval cut diamondWhen it comes to buying an oval-shaped diamond, one of the most important factors to look at when inspecting the diamond grading certificate that can be requested prior to the purchase of a diamond is the cut quality. Cut quality tends to affect the oval-shaped diamond most significantly when compared to the clarity and color grades; thus a person should pay special attention to these particular qualities.

Five specific specifications will be provided under the cut grade of the diamond. When a person looks at these, they should opt for the following specifications if they wish to purchase an oval cut diamond that would be able to provide them with an excellent level of brilliance, as well as better value for their money:

  • Table percentage should be between 53% to 63%.
  • Depth percentage should be between 58% and 62%.
  • Girdle width should be rated “very thin” to “slightly thick”.
  • Cutlet should be rated “none” to “very small”.
  • The Length-to-Width ratio of the diamond should be between 1.35 and 1.50.

Even though the cut quality of an oval cut diamond needs to be the primary aspect a person looks at when considering to buy such a diamond, it is still important to look at the color grade and the clarity rating of the diamond.


The oval cut diamond shape offers a higher level of brilliance and sparkle than many other diamond shapes, and often also tend to provide a bigger visible appearance when compared to some other shapes, such as the round cut diamond. The oval cut is known to offer a person better value for their money, and can be utilized in many different types of jewelry. In this guide, we provided an overview of what factors people need to account for when they decide to buy an oval cut diamond, as well as offered a general guide as to the cut qualities that should be looked for to obtain an oval cut diamond with the best level of brilliance.


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