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An engagement marks the very first step to becoming married, a moment in a couple’s lives that marks the start of a new journey for them together. For this reason, people often tend to spend a lot of money and effort to ensure their proposal goes well. Not only does the choice of restaurant have to be perfect and the mood be set in a romantic way, but some other aspects also need to be paid attention to – particularly the engagement ring that will be presented during the proposal. In most cases, a proposal is done as a surprise; thus a man may find it difficult to choose the right ring or diamond that will truly impress his girlfriend. We would like to share some basic tips that a man should know about and help our male readers make a better decision when it comes to buying the perfect engagement ring.

Buying An Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is certainly not an easy task, but men can follow some basic steps to help make the task a little more convenient and easier. The first step a man should take is to decide on the particular diamond he wishes to have fitted in the engagement ring. Since the diamond will most likely cost much more than the engagement ring’s setting, it is often advised to first decide on this option, and then to decide on a setting to be used.

4cs of diamodWhen deciding what diamond to choose, a man should start by determining what qualities he wishes to opt for. These qualities should be decided upon in relation to the budget the man has to spend on the ring. The particular qualities that need to be considered by the man, in order of importance, include:

  • Carat Weight – The weight of the diamond has more of an impact on its price than any of the other qualities noted during the diamond’s grading process; thus men are advised to start out by deciding how many carats weigh the diamond should weigh. This will also have an impact on the visible size of the diamond.
  • Shape – A man should also make sure they buy the diamond in the correct shape. Many different shapes are available, such as the cushion cut, the emerald cut and the pear cut. The most popular option, especially when a man is unable to decide on a particular type of shape, is the brilliant round cut.
  • Color – A diamond’s color rating is very important, especially when choosing a shape such as the emerald, which has a larger table. The color rating refers to whether traces of color can be seen inside the diamond. It is generally a good idea to opt for a diamond where no traces of color can be observed with the naked eye – there is no need to opt for a D color rating when no color can be observed in an I color rating, as this would be wasting money.
  • Clarity – A diamond’s clarity is also very important. Similar to color, certain diamond shapes, including the emerald, tend to exhibit the presence of imperfections more clearly than some other shapes. For this reason, a man should determine what will look best based on the diamond shape they have chosen.
  • Cut – In addition to the qualities mentioned above, the cut quality of a diamond should also be considered important. The cut quality refers to how well the diamond was cut before being placed in a jewelry setting. Numerous values will be mentioned in the cut quality section of a diamond, but the most appropriate preferences tend to defer from one diamond shape to another.


An engagement ring may be the most expensive part of a proposal; thus it is important that the ring exhibits perfect qualities that are able to impress any person who receives it. There are many aspects of the diamond, in particular, that a man should take into account when buying an engagement ring. In this post, we provided a basic overlook on what should be considered most important when choosing an engagement ring, which will help improve the impressiveness of such a ring.


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