What You Should Know About The EGL Diamond Grading Certificate


When a person is interested in buying a particular diamond, they are able to request that diamond’s grading certificate in order to take a detailed look at the different qualities of the diamond. These certificates tend to include the specific carat weight of the diamond, as well as other properties that a gemologist noted during the appraisal process of the diamond. These qualities should include the cut grade, color grade and the clarity grade of the diamond. In addition to these qualities, such a certificate also usually includes other properties that offer a person an overview of the diamond’s brilliance, sparkle and fire.

There are a number of different companies that a brand can turn to when they wish to obtain an authentic diamond grading certificate. Each of these companies has their own process of grading a diamond, and uses their own laboratories. There are, however, some companies that are more trusted than others. In this post, we wish to share some vital information about the EGL, and why it may not be the best idea to opt for a diamond that was graded by this particular institute.

Important Facts About The EGL

The EGL, also known as the European Gemological Laboratory, is a particular institute that offers professional grading services to suppliers and brands that deals with diamonds, as well as other types of precious gemstones. The company was founded in the 1900s and has since provided their appraisal services to a large number of jewelry retailers and brands around the entire world. When a person first looks at the information provided by the EGL and their official websites, the institution may look trustworthy and like an authority in the diamond industry, but there are some important facts that a person should know when it comes to buying a diamond that was appraised by a gemologist at the EGL.

EGL Diamond CertificationThe most significant factor that puts some of the other institutions at a higher rank than the EGL is due to the fact that many people have found that the EGL tends to over-appreciate a diamond. What this means is they are not strict enough with their process of awarding a diamond that is being appraised ratings for their different qualities.

The fact that the EGL is somewhat lenient with their appraisal process has a significant advantage in store for brands that specialize in diamond jewelry. When a diamond has been awarded higher ratings for its multiple quality properties than what it actually possesses, it means the brand is able to sell the diamond for a higher price than what it is worth. For the consumer, however, this is a disadvantage – it means the consumer will be ripped off when they are buying a diamond.

Fortunately, the top brands that sell jewelry on the internet and in local stores usually tend to opt for the more trustworthy institutions to appraise their diamonds. When looking for a brand from which to buy a diamond, it is a good idea to opt for a brand that sends their diamonds for appraisal to the GIA or the AGS, both being trustworthy institutions that are known to be very strict with their grading process.


Amongst the many diamond grading institutions that a brand can turn to, the EGL is often looked upon as one of the lesser trusted institutions. While the company does tend to employ professional gemologists, it has been found that the ratings awarded to the different properties of a diamond are not always very accurate when the appraisal process was conducted by this particular institution. For a more accurate report, and to ensure you pay what a diamond is really worth, we recommend opting for diamonds that were appraised by the AGS or the GIA.


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