Should You Buy A Moissanite Or Rather Spend More Money On A Diamond

Gold moissanite engagement ring

Diamonds are some of the most expensive gemstones in existence, tending to cost thousands of dollars for a significantly small stone. This can be an unfortunate factor for those individuals who wish to present their significant other with the perfect engagement ring, fitted with a brilliant diamond. In many cases, a person would have to save over several months or even sometimes years to be able to afford a diamond. Then there is also the opportunity to take out financing to help a person afford to buy a diamond, but this usually incurs additional interest fees. In recent times, a particular stone has become a standard alternative to the popular diamond, known as Moissanite. While moissanite stones do look similar to a diamond from a faraway distance, there are some important differences that should be considered before opting for this cheaper alternative to a diamond.

The Difference Between Moissanite And A Diamond

From a distance, a person may not be able to see much of a difference between a diamond and a moissanite gemstone. When a person looks at these stones at a closer distance, however, then a significant difference can be observed – and in most cases, the person would realize that a moissanite does not truly look like a real diamond, even though they are often promoted as the perfect alternative.

The primary difference between a moissanite gemstone and a diamond for the average consumer would naturally be the price. While diamonds often sell for thousands of dollars, a moissanite gemstone can be purchased at a significantly lower cost. Unfortunately, the lower price does not automatically mean that the moissanite offers the individuals better value for their low budget.

moissanite diamondApart from the price, a moissanite stone is actually a much lower quality stone as a diamond. Let’s take a look at how diamonds and moissanite stones are graded to help our readers better understand the differences:

    • When it comes to the weight and size of these stones, a diamond is weighed in carat weight and tends to go up in price significantly as the carat weight increases. Weight and size also tend to affect the price of a moissanite stone, but not as significantly as a diamond. The difference in price of a 0.5-carat diamond and a 1.0-carat diamond tend to be over $2500, but the difference in this weight range in a moissanite stone tend to be just over $300.
    • While a diamond is graded on a color scale to represent how colorless the stone is, which can range from a D, being completely colorless, to a Z, which means the diamond possesses yellowish hues, a moissanite stone is always the same color. These stones tend to be similar to a diamond awarded a K color rating.

Another important factor to consider is that a moissanite stone is not as durable as a diamond as it ranks lower on the Mohs scale of hardness.


While diamonds are the most popular gemstones available on the market in the modern world, they tend to cost thousands of dollars – which means they are often unaffordable to a large number of individuals. The alternative to a diamond in the modern world is a moissanite gemstone, but this option usually does not uphold the same values and qualities of a diamond. For this reason, it is important for a person to first consider the pros and cons of a moissanite before deciding to opt for this cheaper stone, and to consider the fact that a diamond may offer them better value in the long run.


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