A Guide To Help You Understand Diamond Certification

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Whether you are about to propose to your girlfriend or are simply looking to buy a special piece of jewelry for yourself, diamonds have become a standard expectation amongst many people when it comes to precious jewelry. While many jewelry retailers carry jewelry that comes fitted with a diamond, many people are unaware of the most important factors they should look out for when it comes to buying a diamond or diamond jewelry. There is also a significant amount of individuals who fail to request a diamond certificate prior to the purchase of a particular diamond, which could lead to a person overpaying for a diamond. In this guide, we would like to tell our readers more about diamond certification and what they should look for when they obtain a certificate for a diamond they are interested in buying.

An Overview Of The Diamond Certification Process

Before a jewelry designer can fit a diamond into a piece of jewelry or sell a loose diamond to a customer, they first have to determine the qualities and value of that particular diamond. The process that is required to determine these factors is called a diamond appraisal process, and involves placing the diamond under a specially-designed microscope in order to look at it close up. A qualified and trained gemologist is usually required to perform such a service as they know exactly what to look for, and what values to appoint to a diamond that is being appraised.

Once the gemologist has completed this process, they will compile a professional report that provides an overview of the diamond’s different qualities. This report is called the diamond certificate and should be accompanied by any diamond available at a local jewelry retailer or at an online store.

When buying a diamond, it is important for a person to realize just how important it is that they first request a diamond certificate before buying a particular diamond. This report will offer them more information about the quality of the diamond, and will also allow them to determine how much they should really be paying for the diamond in question.

Which Laboratories Can Be Trusted?

GIA Certified DiamondThere is a significant number of independent organizations throughout the world that can be utilized for a professional diamond appraisal. Unfortunately, even though a lot of companies do offer these services, only a few can truly be trusted. A lot of the laboratories that offers an appraisal services are not strict enough with their grading process. This, in turn, could lead to a diamond being appraised too high according to its actual values, which means the supplier or the brand will charge a significantly higher price than the actual value of the particular diamond.

The most trusted laboratories amongst the general diamond industry are the GIA and the AGS. Both of these laboratories are known to be very strict when it comes to the diamond appraisal services, and they offer a diamond certificate verification tool that allows a consumer to verify the authenticity of a report they were provided to offer evidence of the diamond’s qualities.


The diamond grading process is an important factor that helps a supplier and brand determine how valuable a particular diamond is. It is vital for an individual interested in buying a diamond to realize just how important a diamond certificate is, and to know what to look for on such a report. Additionally, knowing which diamond appraisal laboratories that can be trusted is also important as some laboratories are known to be lenient when it comes to grading a diamond; thus causing a brand to charge a higher price for a diamond than what it is worth.


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