What You Should Know Before You Buy Loose Diamonds

loose diamonds

Millions of people buy diamonds every year. Diamonds are precious gemstones that are adored by many people, and can be purchased either as loose stones or as part of a jewelry setting. While many people opt for a pre-fitted piece of jewelry that already comes with a diamond, a lot of people tend to rather opt for loose stones and then have them fitted in a custom piece of jewelry they had made. Unfortunately, not being educated about the numerous aspects that affect both the quality and the price of a diamond, could lead to an uninformed and disappointing purchase. For this reason, it is important for any person looking to buy a diamond to first become educated about all of the most essential aspects related to a diamond.

The Process Of Buying A Loose Diamond

When a person is interested in buying a diamond loose, it is usually recommended to start the process by considering the options that will affect the diamond’s price most significantly. Thus, the first option to consider when it comes to buying a loose diamond is to choose the carat weight of the diamond that will be purchased. The carat weight of a diamond has the largest effect on the price of that particular diamond; thus a person should be realistic when it comes to measuring their budget to the diamond carat weight they wish to buy.

diamondsMany people consider the shape of a diamond to be the second most important attribute. The diamond’s shape does, after all, have a significant impact on how it will look. The most common diamond shape that people tend to opt for is the brilliant round cut, but many other options are available, including some fancy shapes – but these often tend to cost a lot more than the usual shapes.

After deciding which carat weight to opt for, as well as what particular shape a person is interested in, the particular qualities of a diamond need to be considered. Apart from carat weight, there are three other important qualities that affect the visible appearance of a diamond, as well as affect its price. These three qualities include the cut grade of the diamond, the color grade and the clarity rating.

The color grade of a diamond refers to how colorless the diamond is. When yellow hues are present in the diamond, it is considered less worthy as compared to a diamond with no color hues. Cut grade refers to how well the diamond was cut by a diamond cutter. Finally, the clarity rating refers to imperfections that may be present on the diamond. When a diamond is rated “Flawless”, it means no imperfections or inclusions were observed in the diamond, even when the stone was magnified under a special microscope.

Generally, it is recommended to opt for a clarity rating that seems flawless to the naked eye, but there is no need to opt for the highest quality available. Even some of the lower qualities will have no inclusions or imperfections visible to the naked eye.


When buying a diamond for the first time, especially when opting for a loose diamond, many people are overwhelmed by the large number of terms that are presented to them when they are looking at available diamonds. This can be quite confusing, but with some education, a person is able to better understand what each of these terms means; thus allowing them to make a wiser, more informed decision as to which particular diamond they would like to buy.


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