A Complete Review Of The Blockchain.info Wallet


The most essential part of owning Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Doge or any other type of cryptocurrency is a wallet. The wallet has a similar purpose to serve as your bank account, providing you with a wallet address that represents your “account number”. The wallet address is used to receive payments, and the wallet can be used to send payments to third-party wallet address – such as when making a payment for a service or when paying for a particular product at a store that accepts Bitcoin as a payment option.

There are various options to choose from when it comes to opening a wallet. For larger transactions and when storing a significant amount of Bitcoin, it is usually recommended to opt for a hardware wallet that is more secure. When it comes to smaller transactions, however, then there is usually no need to spend money on a hardware wallet, as an online wallet usually offers all the features that are required for such transactions, and for storing a small amount of Bitcoin. In this post, we want to look at the Blockchain.info wallet, one of the most popular wallets on the internet at the moment.

The Blockchain.info Wallet

Various online wallets exist to allow individuals to store their cryptocoins without having to own any physical hardware, but not all of these wallets are trustworthy. We have seen a lot of reports about accounts being emptied at some of these wallets; thus making sure a wallet you choose to store your coins is safe should be a priority. Here, we would like to take a look at the Blockchain.info wallet, and discuss what this particular wallet offers you in regards to storing cryptocoins and transacting with your cryptocurrency.

blockchain.infoFirstly, we should mention that the Blockchain.info wallet is one of the most trusted and popular online wallets in existence. This is also one of the oldest wallets and was first founded in 2011, just two years after the initial launch of Bitcoin. Today, the Blockchain.info wallet is not only a wallet for storing Bitcoin anymore, but is now also an excellent choice for those who wish to register a wallet for trading with Ethereum as well.

There are numerous features that make the Blockchain.info wallet an excellent choice for individuals looking for the best online wallet for them. Registering a new wallet is as easy as entering your email address and a password – after this step, the user is immediately presented with a wallet address, which they can use to start transacting and storing their cryptocurrency.

The Blockchain.info wallet also takes security seriously. The platform offers a security center, which features several features that help a user make their account more secure. Once registered, the security center will display a red bar that acts as an alert to the user – the user needs to visit this page and follow the particular steps provided on this page to ensure their account is completely secured. Once done, the user can start to transact securely on the platform without having to worry about their account potentially being hacked.


There are many options that a person is faced with when choosing what wallet they wish to use for storing their Bitcoins, as well as to transact with their cryptocoins. When choosing an online wallet for this functionality, it is important that a person takes into account the particular features of such a wallet, and looks at what others have to say about the wallet they are interested in. In this post, we provided an overview of the Blockchain.info wallet, one of the world’s most popular wallets that offer all the features needed for smaller transactions.


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