An Overview Of The Top Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin Currency

If you mention Bitcoin in a conversation with someone, then it is most likely that all individuals in that conversation have heard this term before. Even those individuals who have not yet done research into the cryptocurrency market will at least know some information about Bitcoin. The launch of this cryptocurrency, often called a digital currency, have revolutionized the way people think about money in the modern day.

Any person who has done at least some research into Bitcoin before should know by now that they first need to register a wallet in order to make use of Bitcoin. All other cryptocurrencies also require the use of a wallet in order to utilize the particular cryptocurrency in question. Thus, a wallet serves as one of the most important parts of cryptocurrencies. Without a wallet, you would not be able to utilize any type of cryptocurrency.

Top Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets

The majority of Bitcoin wallets are not able to provide an anonymous Bitcoin service to their customers. With this in mind, a lot of people who are in need of an anonymous Bitcoin wallet tend to become worried about their privacy. Fortunately, there are still some options available to individuals who are looking for a wallet that can provide them with an anonymous service for storing and sending Bitcoins. We would like to provide an overview of the top choices – while there are not many anonymous Bitcoin wallets to choose from, the ones that are available provides the majority of features that a person would expect such a wallet to offer them.

bitcoin walletBefore we take a look at the particular options that are available to individuals who are in need of an anonymous wallet, we do want to note that the Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger. This, in turn, means that it is not possible for Bitcoin to be 100% anonymous. Everyone part of the network has access to a list of transactions that have been performed within the entire network. This, however, does not mean that it is completely impossible to “mask” your operations and stay anonymous at some level.

Let’s take a look at the particular options that are available to individuals who are seeking out a Bitcoin wallet that can provide them with an anonymous service.

  • Electrum – Electrum is one of the most popular anonymous Bitcoin wallets. The wallet is exclusively available on the Tails OS, a specialized operating system. The wallet has the ability to provide an anonymous service when it comes to operating with Bitcoin. What is beneficial about this wallet is the fact that no personal details are required by the user – there is no need to enter an email address, name or any other personal information. The wallet generates an address for every single transaction being made.
  • Samourai – Individuals who own an Android smartphone has the ability to utilize a special application that offers them an anonymous Bitcoin wallet. The main function of the Samourai wallet is to provide a private wallet that gives the user the ability to transact with Bitcoin anonymously.
  • Dark Wallet – Another popular option is Dark Wallet. The wallet can only be accessed by Google Chrome users and need to be installed as a plugin to the browser. The wallet offers numerous beneficial features and also primarily focuses on the user’s privacy. Unfortunately, there are numerous concerns about the Dark Wallet. It should be noted that the developers have also mentioned to their users that the wallet is not the safest option when it comes to transacting with Bitcoin.


Since the introduction of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency industry has been thriving. Numerous cryptocurrencies have been launched since Bitcoin was introduced to the world. To make use of Bitcoins or any other type of cryptocurrency, it is essential to understand how wallets work and to register your own wallet. In this post, we have looked at the top anonymous wallets, which is something that a lot of people aim for.


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