A Closer Look at Diamond Cuts and Shapes

Although expensive, diamonds are well worth their price when given as a gift. Diamonds are loved by women all over the world and they make perfect gifts when given on an important occasion.

But if you’re buying a diamond for the first time in your life, it is crucial to understand how to buy the best diamonds that’ll leave your girlfriend impressed.

Diamonds come in several shapes and sizes. Learning about these shapes and sizes is remarkably important because each and every shape changes the way a diamond may look on a piece of jewelry. Alternatively, only a specifically cut diamond may fit a piece of jewelry.

If you’re new to diamonds, here are the ten basic shapes you should keep in mind.

Different Diamond Cuts


Round Diamonds – The round cut diamond is the most basic and popular diamond shape in the world. It fits most jewelry perfectly which makes it an attractive choice. In fact, nearly 75% of all diamonds sold in the world are round shaped diamonds. When you have no idea what to get, this should be your ultimate choice.

Princess Cut Diamond – Buying a diamond for an engagement ring? Nothing beats the Princess cut diamond when it comes to engagement rings. This round shaped diamond has great flexibility which makes it possible to fit on various styles of rings.

Oval Diamonds – This modified brilliant cut diamond is much similar to round shaped diamond when it comes to brilliance and fire. But the diamond has an elongated shape that makes it appear much larger than its actual size. If you want to gift a big diamond while keeping your budget in check, this is your best option.

Marquise Diamond – Most commonly known as the football-shaped diamond, the marquise is long and narrow, which helps it create an illusion of bigger size. When you see carat to carat, the diamond gives you the largest surface area to work with.

Cushion Cut Diamond – when round and marquise shapes are combined together, you get the cushion cut. This is a classic cut which is quite popular for being the next best to round diamond.

Emerald cut Diamond –Emerald diamonds are unique due to their step cuts. This creates a hall-of-mirrors effect which makes them look very attractive on any piece of jewelry.

Asscher cut diamonds – Much similar to the emerald cut, the Asscher cut diamond has larger step facets, a smaller table, and a higher crown which makes it more brilliant than the emerald cut.

Radiant Cut Diamonds – This is the only rectangular diamond cut that has a full brilliant-cut facet pattern that is applied to both the pavilion and the crown. This makes it an incredibly vibrant diamond.

Heart Shaped Diamonds – Heart shaped diamonds are an attractive choice when used on pendants. They not only represent love but are ultimately one of the best gifts you can give to your girlfriend. Heart shaped diamonds are bigger in size, they help create a look that is unmatched by most other shapes.



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