3 People Who Have Made 1 Million+ in Bitcoin

You probably think that stocks and bonds are the only ways to trade or invest. But if you have talked with a mutual fund manager, you’ll be amazed that Bitcoin has taken the financial world by storm. Introduced in 2009, this electronic currency is traded through its personal payment network.

Since April of 2017, Bitcoin has seen an amazing comeback. Although Bitcoin Price hasn’t yet attained its previous peak, the value of Bitcoin has increased to more than $1,000 per piece.

Bitcoin Price

Here, in no specific order, are three people who have successfully made more than a million by investing in Bitcoin.

Charlie Shrem

Self-professed computer geek, Charlie Shrem, is a bitcoin pioneer and an American entrepreneur. He began investing in bitcoin during his senior year in college. When he lost all his bitcoin, Charlie, together with his friend Gareth Nelson, founded one of the earliest and biggest Bitcoin firms, BitInstant. This now-defunct company took off, entrancing investors, like the Winklevoss twins, and helped to popularize bitcoin.

In 2012 to 2014, Charlie became the vice-chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation. This foundation aimed to standardize, protect, and promote Bitcoin. To ensure that all local Bitcoin communities attain global resources and advise, he led the unification and partnerships of several groups such as Fundacion Bitcoin Argentina, Bitcoin Embassy of Canada, and Bitcoin Association of Australia.

However, his world came crashing down when he was arrested for operation of an unlicensed money transmitting business on January 26, 2014. He pled guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison. His prison time didn’t avert his faith in bitcoin and blockchain but instead, strengthen them.

On November 22. 2016, Charlie engaged in a new venture with Jason Granger and co-founded Intellisys Capital. This startup company allows investors to invest in lucrative firms by purchasing a digital token sponsored by real assets. In May 2017, Charlie joined Jaxx and became its director of business and community development.

Roger Ver

Also known as Bitcoin Jesus or disputably the Bitcoin Anti-Christ, Roger Ver, Founder of Bitcoin.com. He initially rented out the domain to OKCoin, a Chinese Bitcoin exchange but when arguments had risen overpayments and terms of the agreement, Roger took back the site’s control. Since then, he has overhauled the site to include information on how to get started with Bitcoin, a news section, and a forum.

Roger entered into the world of Bitcoin in early 2011 and purchased his first bitcoins at about $1.00. He then made seed investments in a lot of early Bitcoin startups, like BitPay.com and Blockchain.info. This made him the first individual to begin actively investing in Bitcoin startups. His computer hardware business, MemoryDealers, became one of the first to accept bitcoins as payment.

He is an ex-convict for the charge of a felony involving the sale of explosives on eBay and has served federal prison time for ten months in 2002. This might taint his reputation but no one can deny his great contribution to the Bitcoin industry. In fact, his total worth was around 400,000 to 450,000 BTC in 2014.

Roger was named “Bitcoin Jesus” because he became a positive force in pushing Bitcoin forward. In fact, he offered 10,000 bitcoins as funds to the Bitcoin Foundation. However, recently, he earned the moniker, Bitcoin Anti-Christ, because he wants an instant blocksize increase so people can pay for their coffee with Bitcoin without any fees. He doesn’t figure out how this can affect the decentralization, blockchain bloat, and processing of nodes.

Jered Kenna

Ex-marine Jered Kenna bought his first batch of Bitcoins for $0.20 per piece. He traded them for about $258 per piece. Keep in mind though that this was the just the initial batch of coins.

Jered’s net worth is a secret but is approximated to be about $30 million. His first investment venture offered him with sufficient funds to introduce several business ventures. His first business venture was Tradehill, a Bitcoin dark mining pool.

Tradehill immediately became the world’s second large Bitcoin exchange, enticing a million dollars in user deposits in the first week of operation. He took down the business in January 2012 and relaunched it in March 2013.

Right now, he runs a craft brewery in Colombia. Of course, his business accepts Bitcoins as payment. He also introduced 20mission, a joint workspace for startups and entrepreneurs.

Final Thought

These three millionaires above have one thing in common: fearlessness. They never fear to invest in Bitcoin during the early days of their career. Their early investment has shown tremendous results as the value of Bitcoin cash price increases with time.

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