Sound Investments Lead to a Sound Retirement

Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee

I’m Kevin Lee, and welcome to Ice Gold.  I set up this website many moons ago as a blog to share my views on the .com era.  Those takes quickly became dated when things went “bust,” but I never lost my passion for writing introspective blogs about investing in innovative ideas.  I’m more focused on commodities nowadays, and even dabbling a lot in cryptocurrency investing.  

I created this website in 1998 – which should tell you how long I’ve been involved in the Internet space.

My goal here is to make YOU a better consumer and more knowledgable when you go through the process of investing.


Why Gold, Crypto, and Diamonds?

You’ll find popular topics on this site all have to do around things people lust for:  gold, silver, precious metals in general, cryptocurrency, and diamonds.  I find that most people don’t know the first thing about investing in these alternative asset classes and recently, I’ve had a major focal shift to crypto due to the crazy inflation numbers.

There was once a time that I was dedicating this blog entirely to gold, but I found that market is something that is covered better by other colleagues of mine, so my primary focus is the crypto market and of course, diamond investing.  If you are looking for advice on buying gold and precious metals, I suggest you visit my friends at the Cayman Financial Review and in particular, view their takes on finding the best gold IRA company.

Putting gold into an IRA can be a major life hack, and for that reason, I recommend you allocate a portion of your retirement savings to a gold IRA.  The gold IRA is a HUGE hedge against inflation and it can literally save your retirement savings against the inflation that’s hitting the USA right now.  Gold has a perceived store value and it has held it’s own against the dollar, in fact outpacing it greatly over the long haul. So I urge you to check that site out and perhaps you’ll find some safety in putting some money invested into precious metals like gold, silver, and palladium.

Now, for the more risk adversed out there, I urge you to check out my cryptocurrency commentary.  Whether we are in a bull, or bear market, I’m always eager to report what’s going on and share with you my investments.


Kevin Lee is a former tech advisor who cut his teeth in Silicon Valley. He now spends his time sharing his passion for investing in diamonds and jewelry. You can reach Kevin for any comments by using this form.