Learn How to Buy an Engagement Ring like a Pro

Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee

I’m Kevin Lee, and welcome to Ice Gold – the best place to learn about the diamond buying process.

I created this website in 1998 – which should tell you how long I’ve been involved in the Internet space. Years of educating myself through peers, mentors, hands on learning, and by fact-checking every claim a pushy sales person has told me about the value of a diamond has helped me become a go-to resource for diamond and engagement ring shoppers all over the globe.

My goal here is to make YOU a better consumer of diamonds and jewelry.


Tips on Purchasing Engagement Rings & Diamonds Online

I can’t stand seeing first time diamond buyers being pushed over and misled in one of the most important experiences of their lives. Having gone through this process I certainly know how frustrating and confusing this can be. There is so much information out there to digest, that I figured I’d give a helping hand to people who are going through this process.

In addition to the obvious – the 4C’s – which stands for cut, clarity, color, and carat, other factors will come into play as you select a diamond. If you make a wrong decision any step of the way, you can most definitely over-spend and be less than satisfied with the purchase.

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Sometimes, the best looking diamonds aren’t always having the best qualities when it comes to the 4C’s. You will often times find a diamond that has a quality that is very rare, (like a flawless clarity) that commands a high price point, but it doesn’t always mean that the diamond is more appealing to the naked eye.

I have told everyone who I have consulted throughout this process that eye appealing diamonds can be found at any budget. Once you have a basic knowledge of everything I teach here, namely the 4C’s and importance of a GIA certificate, you’ll be armed with more information than 99% of the consumers.

Choosing the Perfect Stone

It’s important to at least have a partial understanding when it comes to buying diamonds – especially online.

Far beyond the price tags, there are many factors that should cross your mind as you select a diamond. Several factors will go into why a diamond is higher or lower priced than a comparable diamond that has similar characteristics.

“Subtle” differences can mean the world. They can be the main factor into getting a good deal, or getting ripped off.

There are 4 main things to look at when you search for diamonds.

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Carat

These equate to what people know as the “4C’s.” They represent the quality of any diamond for sale. Each characteristic will influence and alter the price of any stone you shop for.

If you understand each “C,” you’ll have as much (or probably more) information as any sales person who is trying to fleece you.

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Kevin Lee is a former tech advisor who cut his teeth in Silicon Valley. He now spends his time sharing his passion for investing in diamonds and jewelry. You can reach Kevin for any comments by using this form.