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Important requirements

There are some restrictions and additional requierments if you want to use our exchange services. Please read them carefully!

We do not allow third-party transactions when buying e-gold

We will cancel all third-party inexchanges and return the funds to the original wire sender. Bank fees for returning the payment are on the responsibility of the sender.

If you want to receive an e-gold payment from someone who does not yet have an e-gold account you first need to instruct him to open his own e-gold account, fund the account using our exchange service and then make a payment to you from his own account. Do not let other people send money to IceGold in order to fund an e-gold account not belonging to them.

If you want to fund someone else's e-gold account then please open your own e-gold account first, fund it and then make the payment to the other account from your own account. Do not send money to IceGold in order to fund an e-gold account not belonging to you.

When selling e-gold, the receiver of the wire is allowed to be someone else than you.

All information required on our forms must be correct

If we find out the information you have provided is wrong or incomplete, we will cancel the exchange and return the funds, all additional costs are on the responsibility of the sender.

We will fund only the e-gold account used on the registration form. In case your e-gold account is blocked, we will not fund another account instead. You can check your e-gold account status by entering an address like http://1186823.e-gold.com (replace the account number with yours). In case you register a transaction with a blocked e-gold account and send us a wire transfer then you need to contact E-gold and have them unblock your account or we will return the payment to your bank account.

Maximum amount and ID documents

Due to anti money-laundering laws there is a maximum to the amount (regardless the number of transactions) that we can exchange without additional identification. When your exchanges exceed the amounts listed below you must send us a scanned image or a digital photo of your valid passport by e-mail to before we can proceed with your transaction. We recommend encrypting the file with PGP to ensure that no-one else except us can open it. Our public PGP keys are available here. Please make sure the image of the document is clear, text easily readable and all important details visible. Using a fake or changed ID is illegal and will be reported to authorities!

Maximum transaction amounts

*e-gold 374 g EEK 199 000
    EUR 12 700
*AUD 16 681 *GBP 10 975
*CAD 16 906 *JPY 1 384 335
*CHF 15 826 *USD 16 889

* - maximum amount in these currencies fluctuates

If you have any questions about the above,
feel free to contact our support team.



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