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IceGold exchange rates

Instead of percentage fee or a fixed fee we use exchange rates to buy and sell e-gold. Currently we buy e-gold at 2% below and sell e-gold at 2% above the e-gold spot rate. The rate for each transaction is fixed at the moment of the e-gold payment, which will be nominated in grams. Rates effective at the moment are displayed in the table below.

Last updated
31. Dec 2010
16:15 GMT
we buy we sell
Australian dollar AUD/g 43.6918 45.4751
Canadian dollar CAD/g 44.2810 46.0884
Swiss franc CHF/g 41.4516 43.1435
Estonian kroon EEK/g 521.238 542.514
Euro EUR/g 33.3131 34.6728
British pound GBP/g 28.7458 29.9191
Japanese yen JPY/g 3625.97 3773.97
Lithuanian lita LTL/g 115.024 119.718
US dollar USD/g 44.2369 46.0424
our markup -2% 2%


  • When our markup for selling e-gold is 2%, it means that in order to get 100 USD worth of e-gold you have to send us 102 USD.
  • When our markup for buying is -2%, it means that to receive 98 USD by bank wire you need to spend us 100 USD (plus the wire fee) worth of e-gold.


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