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Buying e-gold

Fee for incoming international wire in our bank

If the wire has not been marked with "no charges for beneficiary" (shared costs), our bank charges a us a fee in local currency (EEK) for receiving it. If this fee is charged we will deduct it from your payment before converting into e-gold.

Please ask your bank, whether you have "no charges for beneficiary" option. In most North American and South-East Asian countries this option is not available.

As choosing this option will usually rise the cost of wire, we recommend to compare the difference with the fee charged by our bank. You can save money by not checking "no fees for beneficiary".

Current fee for incoming international bank wire

*e-gold 0.160 g EUR 1.92 (3.83**)
*AUD 7.12 *GBP 4.69
*CAD 7.22 *JPY 591.30
*CHF 6.76 *USD 5.09

* - fee in these currencies fluctuates
** - if the wire comes outside of EU

Fee for incoming EU wire

If a wire smaller than 12500 EUR has been sent to us from a country in European Union, the fee for incoming wire is only 1.92 EUR.

Deductions by correspondent and intermediary banks

Depending on how a bank wire is routed, payments from and to some countries can be charged extra fees (usually 5 - 25 USD) by correspondent and/or intermediary banks. The correspondent bank fees may be deducted from the amount received.

Selling e-gold

Fee for outgoing wire in our bank

If you wish to fund an international bank wire with e-gold, you can choose among three wire types. You can choose how fast the wire will arrive and how much will it cost (for you and the receiver).

Current fees for outgoing wire

Please choose currency:

USD* Receival fee paid by:
Receiver Sender
Normal 5.94 -
Urgent 13.58 -
Express 33.10 -

* fees in this currency fluctuate

Receival fee in your bank

Banks usually charge you a fee for receiving an international bank wire. Intermediary and/or correspondent banks might also deduct their fees from the wire amount for handling the payment. Our service allows you to pay all these fees in advance so the receiver will get the full amount and is not charged for receiving the wire (not available for wires in USD). To do this, select "Sender" as the payer of the receival fee on the Sell e-gold form.



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