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Calculators for buying e-currency

How much e-currency do I get for my money?

If I send you ,
how much of will I get?
minus wire receive fee in our bank:
minus e-gold spend fee:
You will get
I want to register transaction for that amount!

I need to have a certain amount of e-currency!

If I want to get of ,
how much do I have to send?
add wire receive fee in our bank:
add e-gold spend fee:
You have to send
I want to register transaction for that amount!
* If "I send" and "worth of" currencies are different, the amount of e-currency you will receive will vary slightly because of fluctuations in the exchange rates of different currencies.
* It is always a good idea to buy a little more e-currency because gold price is constantly fluctuating and the value of your gold is also changing.
* Correspondent and receiving banks might charge extra fees for international bank wires - read more here.



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